The Microbrewed

Beer of the Month Club

Expert selected. Dedication to quality. Unmatched variety.

Since 1994, we've been selecting hand-crafted beers from thousands of U.S. & International breweries. Four different Beer Clubs offer unmatched variety. You'll get twelve, 12-oz. bottles each month OR up to six, 750 ml bottles in The Rare Beer Club™.

The International

Wine of the Month Club

Expert selected. Limited production. Dedication to quality.

Our three Wine Clubs each offer an international variety of hand selected, limited production wines from the world's finest vineyards. You'll receive two bottles each month from classic regions like Napa and Bordeaux, as well as emerging locales such as Australia's Hunter Valley.

The Gourmet

Cheese of the Month Club

Traditionally crafted. Carefully aged. Expertly selected.

Each month, you'll enjoy three 1⁄2 lb. artisan cheeses from around the world. You might receive a Gaperon, originating in France during the 14th Century, and authentic Lancashire by Ruth Kirkham, and an Italian Taleggio matured in the caves of Valsassina... all in one shipment!

The Premium

Cigar of the Month Club

Hand rolled. Expert selected. Outstanding values.

Each month, we send five hand-rolled, premium cigars from the world's top producers. Enjoy cigars crafted by limited production manufacturers like Alec Bradley and Carlos Toraño as well as from super-premium brands like Graycliff, AVO, and Cohiba.

The Gourmet

Chocolate of the Month Club

Innovative creations. Wholesome ingredients. Hand-crafted.

Discover true artisanal chocolates, handmade from pure, premium ingredients and crafted by hand in small batches with dedication to innovation and artistry. You'll try signature creations from different world-class chocolatier each month.

The Fresh Cut

Flower of the Month Club

Seasonal bouquets. Professionally designed. Top quality blooms.

You'll make an unforgettable impact when you send bouquets that feature flowers like Red Sonja Orchids, Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, or Le Reve Oriental Lilies. Each month, we'll send a professionally designed seasonal bouquet cut just prior to shipping.

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Club Benefits® searches the world to bring you the best. You’ll be proud to give a gift that consistently delivers high quality products, and that’s exactly what our monthly gift clubs offer. Each featured selection in all six of our clubs are chosen by individual product panels formed by industry experts. We’ve been providing unique, memorable, reoccurring gifts since 1994. Giving a gourmet gift has never been easier. Order online or toll free at 800-625-8238 in minutes. Give a great gift, even if it’s a gift for you! Enjoy the anticipation of the next month’s selections, the explorative nature of our service, and of course, the experience of tasting our international wine selections, craft brewed beers, world-class chocolates, hand-rolled cigars and artisanal cheeses.

Give Quality

We take product selection in our gourmet monthly clubs quite seriously. It’s what differentiates us from the rest. Our selection panels meet regularly, rating products for quality, consistency, creativity, flavor, and overall experience. Identifying hard to find, outstanding boutique products month after month takes time and doing yourself can be intimidating at best, but that’s what we do and have been doing from our inception. We’re so confident in our featured selections that we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee and publish all of our past selections online, something most other clubs don’t do. Our commitment to quality extends to your experience with our customer service team and has earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Find out why 98% of our customers strongly recommend us.

Monthly gift clubs are a gift your friends, family, or you will look forward to enjoying at the end of the day. Give simple pleasures, and you’re giving some of the best things in life.

Give Discovery

Discover gourmet gifts from artisanal producers around the world that you would not have had the opportunity to try otherwise. We often work with boutique wineries and craft breweries to introduce their products to the U.S. market, allowing our club members to be the first to enjoy them. We work with farmhouse dairies and regional chocolatiers in our food of the month clubs to bring you aromas, tastes, and flavor combinations that you may have never experienced.

Give Anticipation

Our members eagerly await their next shipment and when you give a monthly gourmet gift that anticipation is a gift in itself. Memberships are available from a 2 month club membership to twelve months, or you may give an opened ended membership which can be cancelled at any time.

Give Personalization

You may also combine any of clubs in any way, creating a truly personalized gift of the month club experience. Alternate between wine and cheese shipments, combine beer, cigars and wine into one three month membership, or literally any other combination that you can imagine. Ship monthly, every other month, quarterly or even on specific months. Rest assured, you’re thoughtfulness will be remembered long after the first shipment arrives.

Give Knowledge

Part of the fun of being a member of a gift of the month club is learning about the products you receive each month, what to look for when trying them, and all about the craftsmen that produced them. You’ll learn how different regions and their terriors impact each product. Local airborne yeasts that impart unique flavor characteristics found only in a specific Belgian beer or how the same cheese recipe can product an entirely unique product based on flowers eaten by the cows in one region versus another. Each club shipment is sent with an informative newsletter that details how each product was made, offers tasting notes as to what to look for when sampling it, and suggested foods and alcohols to pair with them.

Convenient online purchase with printable, personalized cards

Need a great last minute gift? Christmas a week away? Or perhaps a birthday…this afternoon? Our memberships can be purchased online in minutes and we offer customized gift announcements that can be printed immediately or emailed on a specific date.

Gifts by Occasion

Monthly gifts are great for holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Fathers day, Mothers day, Birthdays, Graduation, Housewarming, Corporate gifts and more. We’d submit that any time you give a gift membership, you’re effectively creating a holiday! Monthly Clubs are a great gift idea for almost any occasion. Choose from our Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club, International Wine of the Month Club, Gourmet Cheese of the Month club, Chocolate, Cigar or Flower Clubs!